Credit rates: an increase expected for the end of the year

2.33% is the average borrowing rate recorded in April 2015. It is the lowest rate that France has known since the creation of this “effective rate” which allows us to have a vision overall market created in January 2003. After two years of decline, interest rates seem to have started to rise slightly. Since mid-May, around thirty banks have raised their mortgage rates and the trend could continue for the end of the year.


A drop finished for a rate still as attractive!

credit rates

Is the end of historically low borrowing rates over? Yes, unequivocally, for two reasons: the increase in the rate of the French 10-year government loan from 0.37% in mid-April to 1.15% today, then the influx of demand for renegotiations or credit buy-back which clog the banks and increase the time taken to process files

As a result, in June, loan rates increased from 0.05 to 0.40 point depending on the institution. These rate hikes were done suddenly. In a fortnight, almost all the banks raised their scales. Result? The average rate over 15 years (excluding insurance) is 2.20% – against 2.05% at the end of May – and 2.5% over 20 years – against 2.35% at the end of May.

However, this recent increase is nothing to worry about. Experts believe, in view of the economic situation and quantitative easing in the euro zone and in Japan, that a “limited” increase may only go to + 1.5% maximum + 2%. And this within a period of between 6 months and 1 year.

So certainly, we are seeing an increase in rates but they are still very attractive. It is a slow rise which is not likely to climb with an OAT rising yes but below its level of 2012 where it was around 3.5%. With this slight increase predicted by our specialists, rates would return to their mid-2014 levels which we considered – at that date – to be extremely low…


The end of renegotiations? Banks say yes!

bank loans

Individuals jumped at the opportunity and took full advantage of the drop in rates to renegotiate their loans. In May, one loan in two was a renegotiated loan, down from 27% last December. All renegotiations represented almost 7 billion dollars out of a total amount of 15.5 billion dollars. This is the record amount since December 2010.

Faced with the influx of renegotiation files or simply loan offers in full boom since the quarter of 2015, the banks are clogged with many files and can no longer keep up. There is a traffic jam! Rising rates would therefore allow them to curb demand and therefore discourage renegotiations.

There are signs of recovery in the real estate market, real estate professionals are recording a rebound in sales in the first half of 2015, both in old and new . The fall in property prices and the historically low level of interest rates give rise to the desire to finally become a French owner and / or investor. Buyers are back and banks know it. Faced with this return from buyers, credit renegotiations are no longer an objective for banks. Bankers then give priority to this influx of individuals wishing to finally become owners and thus meet the deadlines for processing files. Some banks go further by refusing to renegotiate or buy back a mortgage.




With a strong demand for home loans and multiple requests for renegotiation or loan repurchase, the banks were overloaded. The slightly increasing OAT allowed them to review their scales and at the same time revise their trade policies. The explanation for this rate hike is there. However, this recovery will remain slow and borrowing rates will continue to be cheap. Since 2013, we have seen a drop in rates which have brought with them a 10% drop in property prices – both new and old. This slight rise in rates should only increase slightly during the next year to reach their 2014 levels considered very attractive at the time … We can conclude that this slight rise is painless and does not penalize individuals wishing to buy housing.

Breast surgery credit – so easy, so fast!

It is not uncommon to say that beauty actually comes from within, but of course you also want to achieve the best possible appearance and of course feel beautiful yourself. For this reason, more and more women are taking out a loan for a breast operation, with which they can have their breasts enlarged, tightened or even reduced, depending on their own wishes and needs.

The credit for a breast operation falls under the medical loans and is usually treated as such by lenders. Thus, borrowers usually have a conventional installment loan from a credit institution as the first choice for financing breast surgery, but in individual cases, the successful application depends on both the situation and the creditworthiness of the borrower.

Full and well-shaped breasts with a loan

Full and well-shaped breasts with a loan

Since cosmetic surgery is generally very expensive, even if a breast operation is by no means a rarity in Germany, only a few women can pay for the entire operation without having to co-finance it in an alternative way. With a loan for a breast surgery, nothing stands in the way of the operation, even if your own cash or bank balance may not be enough for the surgery.

The bank lends the borrower a loan for a pre-negotiated amount, provided the borrower has the necessary collateral or can provide alternative collateral. As a rule, the bank asks for the private credit bureau entry as well as information on account balances and regulated income when making the application. If these queries are successful, an installment loan will be distributed, which can be used to finance the breast surgery.

A suitable doctor decides in advance whether the affected woman is suitable for such an operation or whether health concerns can arise. Doctors who perform breast surgery are usually plastic surgeons or plastic surgeons or general surgery doctors. The choice of doctor is of course left to the patient, but one should keep in mind that a bank does not pay out too much credit for such an operation, especially if the loan amount is relatively large in relation to the income of the borrowing party.

Improved self-esteem thanks to a breast surgery credit

Improved self-esteem thanks to a breast surgery credit

Financing the long-desired breast surgery can not only help women improve their self-esteem, but can even create a completely different attitude to life. Of course, such an operation also harbors risks, but these are usually manageable. With the loan for a breast surgery, the dream of larger or even smaller breasts can finally be fulfilled.