The Difference Between Pop And Hiphop Music

Suggestions-for-Banner-hit-music-11560441-750-200Pop music, derived from the name itself, is the genre of popular music. It is usually the category where the new music or the new releases are. Pop music is inspired by the rock and roll genre of music. Pop music holds any kind of style from classic, country and rock to urban, dance and rock. Like jazz music or any kind of music for the matter, pop music holds its own core elements. These elements define pop and distinguish it from the rest. The basic format is verse-chorus. Repeated chorus and the melodic tunes are another 2   kinds of element.

Hip hop music is a not realistic style of a rhythm music because it usually goes along with rap music. Rap music is a chant with a certain rhythm. It is a rhythmic speech.The hiphop music is inspired by the hiphop culture. Again, like any other kind or type of music, the hiphop music has its own elements. The hiphop music has innumerable stylistic elements. Some of hiphop music’s elements are the rapping, breakdancing, graffiti writing, DJing, beatboxing, etc. Rapping, however, is always associated with hiphop music, if not, sometimes it is even mistaken for it.

music_017The difference between pop and hip hop music

When asked, people commonly and confidently respond: Hip hop is more upbeat and may also contain rap while pop music is more of sentimental and gushing. Some may also conclude that hip hop is more westernized or American while pop is just foolishness. Some also gave a response, that hip hop is usually inspired by real life situations like break-ups, insecurities while pop is more sensual and is more rhythmic due to its upbeat rhythm. However, the responses mentioned above are just opinions and are merely subjective. Let us take a more objective approach to the difference between pop and hip hop music.

The music style itself can already help you know the difference of the two kinds of music. Just by listening to it, you can already witness some contrast between both. But besides the difference in their music style and sound, both kinds of music also differ in many other aspects. Pop music is older than hip hop music. These two differ in their birth year. Pop was discovered in mid 1950s. Hiphop, on the other hand, was discovered around 1970s to 1980s.

Another difference would be the elements of each. As mentioned earlier in the introduction, hip hop has a lot of rapping, scratches, free verses and  beatbox. It also observes jazz’s element of improvisation. Hip hop incorporates or combines various styles of music. It does not stick to one. This is made possible by, of course, its elements which are usually inserted within the music. Pop, however, is more on the traditional, classic style, which is in the format of verse-chorus. Its simplicity also helps distinguishes it from hip hop music.

A more noticeable difference is the lyrics and duration of both. Pop songs usually have shorter lyrics compared to hip hop. Its song duration is also shorter. This is because of its simplicity and conservation of its style. But the most common yet objective difference that the music lovers and enthusiasts have observed is that the hip hop music has become the outlet of expression regarding concerns that may be socially, economically, emotionally and even politically inclined. But despite that, pop music is still the genre that is generally admired by the people.